Dead Cells: Return To Castlevania Coming March 6

Dead Cells: Return To Castlevania, the upcoming crossover DLC between, you guessed it, Dead Cells and Castlevania finally got a release date today during the latest Nintendo Direct live stream. The DLC will now be released on March 6. 

Return To Castlevania was announced last December during The Game Awards’ pre-show. We recently had a chance to talk to the developers at Evil Empire, which mainly handles DLC content for Dead Cells and is a studio made of ex-Motion Twin employees which made Dead Cells. Talking to co-founder Benjamin Laulan and brand manager Bérenger Dupré, we learned that Return To Castlevania will be “twice as big” as Dead Cells’ previous DLC releases. 

Alongside the Nintendo Switch, Return To Castlevania will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

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